Welcome to the Frontline Soldiers Music website created by Paul "Unbreakable" Williams. The CEO of Frontline Soldiers Entertainment record label. While the featured artist on this page is Unbreakable, all artists are more than welcome to share music on this page at anytime. As long as you are talented, feel free to express yourself in music the way you know how. We do not discriminate, and we welcome all music genres as well. Because music is music and it is the greatest thing ever created!!!!

Paul "Unbreakable" Williams is a independent rapper from Cleveland, Ohio and has been rapping since 2003. He later taught himself how to produce beats, and edit music as well, and has his own studio.

He considers his style to be "Reality Rap" best described by himself saying "I rap about what's going on in the world. I call it how I see it. If a certain event happens you can bet your bottom dollar, you will hear it in my next rhyme."

Unbreakable has 23 albums to his name dating all the way back to cassette tapes. His debut album was 2003's Here to Stay, and his 24th album is titled The Foundation 2: Travels of Joy & Sorrow set to released in late 2018 or early 2019.

Unbreakable is one of the most lyrical MC's in the game right now, with his rapid paced rhymes, and unmatched wordplay, his talent is truly remarkable. His style is relatable to those of all ages, and if you like Hip Hop, then you will like his music, and this website.