Unbreakable - CEO, Rapper, Music Producer

The Beginning:

Paul Michael Williams started writing rhymes dating back as early as 2003, could possibly be 2002. Being a young teenager at the age of 16, he was just bored and needed to pass the time. He grew up listening to Hip Hop anyways so he always admired Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, and The Notorious BIG in his youth. But as he grew older and into his teenage years, he became fans of Jay Z, Eminem, Nas, Busta Rhymes, DMX, Redman and Method Man, Ludacris, and more.

He would just write a bunch of random rhymes, with no sort of format or construction to them, he was really emulating the rappers he grew up watching, and he wanted to be just like them. The more he listened to Hip Hop, the more he started studying it, and taking it more serious. He learned how to write hooks, and write verses with 16 bars. He knew he was on to something, as he was figuring out his true talent.

The Early Years: 

Before finding out what his rap identity was Paul was creating the same music he would hear on the radio, and see on TV. He was rapping about girls, cars, and clothes, and money. Making songs like Throw it Up, on his 2006 album Chapter 10. While this style was alright for a young rapper, he wanted more and he knew that he could deliver a better quality of music.

The Maturation:

As time went on, Paul began challenging himself musically. He began writing more complex rhymes, becoming more lyrical and metaphorical. He began writing about deeper issues in the world as well as in his own personal life as it is documented in his 2014 album Angels & Demons on the song "Voice of God, Voice of Satan" as he battles with trying to live right but always end up doing the wrong thing, and he also discusses his near death experience in the song as well, and how he believes God bought him back for a reason and a purpose. Paul started to realize that this is a crazy, wicked, and corrupt world that we live in, and what better way to describe it, then to put it in a song. This can be found on songs like "Protest Bars" and "Hello America" off of his 2015 album The Foundation, both songs discussing police brutality, racism, and the social injustices that black people face everyday.

The Artist Today:

Paul Unbreakable Williams has 20 albums to his name. He started making beats back in 2009. He taught himself how to do this. He didn't know anyone who made beats at the time, so he figured he would make beats for himself, so he literally trained himself and mastered the art of making beats. And he has his own recording studio, where he edits, mixes, and masters his own music. 

His lyrics are very metaphorical, and he uses the style called multi-syllabic rhyming when you rhyme with more than one word in one bar (line). And he also uses internal rhyme (rhyming with the same word multiple times in one bar (line) which was originated by Legendary New York Rapper Rakim. His wordplay is also very superb, and on point. He was quoted as saying "Never get comfortable in your art, challenge yourself everyday, that's how you become a better artist, and a better person."